The book to answer your questions

This book is written to teach you how to understand happening events in your life, whether they are good or bad. How to take actions to diminish bad things and multiply good things. The Author is giving real life situations, examples and  practical tips - actions to take to make a change in your life. The book has 5 main chapters - your family, yourself, relationship with the other half, attitude towards problems and your goals - how to get to the place you desire.

This book is like a conversation with a friend who is willing to give you a helping hand.

Covered topics

  • Society of 21st Century

  • Self-comparison with others

  • Issues from Childhood

  • Self-awareness

  • Source of your problems

  • The reaction towards problems - how to live in peace

  • How to build a happy relationship

  • Inside the mind of men and women

  • How to save your existing relationship

  • 245 pages of valuable information with practical tips


Photo: Mariana Shafro

About the Author

Vlada Horoshevska is a visionary,  self-development coach, and serial entrepreneur, who was born and raised in Latvia.  She has lived in several countries around the world, currently, her home is in Dubai. 

She has studied Psychology for more than 10 years and has been giving guidance to people on personal matters, career advice, and self-development. This book was written based on her own experiences, which include an explanation from where the issues arise and practical tips on how to reframe readers' way of thinking.

This book was made to serve the reader by giving practical tips about self-growth, interpersonal communication skills, self-
consciousness, and how to increase the ability and efficiency of solving any kind of problem by understanding its source. The author wants people to unburden themselves of the things that seem to make life more difficult. Winning everyday fights lead to happiness, and happiness is infectious. 


Started personal development consultations few weeks ago. After lockdown I felt very down.  I like that she is not wasting time with discussions but gives tasks to do every day, which actually make a difference. I believe that finally I will get rid of all things that bothers me.

Ranesh V.

I loved the book! Highly recommend! I have discovered fears that were restricting me from doing some things in life. Looking forward to applying my new knowledge to life.

Peter S.

Very easy to read. A lot of practical tips and techniques. The book has changed my approach towards a relationship with my loved ones and people around me.

Anna V.

I have learned a new approach on how to set goals and how to achieve them. I am more inspired than ever! 

Adelina N.

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Chapters in the book

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