UPGRADE to 1 on 1 Monitoring with Vlada

UPGRADE to 1 on 1 Monitoring with Vlada

Please note, that purchasing this product does not give you access to the course, it gives you access to Personal mentorship with Vlada during the course and next 1 month after you finished it. Personal mentorship during the course allows you to send any kind of questions to the author apart from Live videos and you can analyze your homework together with the author to get a deeper understanding of yourself. 


For single women and the ones in the relationship,

There are days when you don't feel as beautiful as usual, maybe even there are days when you feel down and don't want to do anything. Sometimes you think that it would be nice to be in the relationship, but the guys you meet don’t feel right or don't stay around. Maybe you are in the relationship already, and sometimes you think something is missing and it could be more fulfilling. You might convince yourself, that it is normal, but I can assure you, it could be different! A life with loads of cheerful moments and forgetting any kind of doubt and sadness. It’s easy to become a self-confident woman, the one, who no one can resist and have a relationship you dream about. 

About the course:

Vlada has created a course for women to boost self-confidence, learn how to create a happy relationship, and understand where the arguments and bad mood come from, transform those things and forget about everything, that bothers you. 


The course usually lasts between 14-20 days, has plenty of video materials, homework, and Live Q&A sessions, to discuss literally anything. Starting from the previous lessons, related topics, and any issue that you have in your mind. The beauty of the course is that you not only get support from Vlada, but you get it from like-minded, beautiful women, just like you, too! The mission is to create a community of women, who are empowering each other. After finishing the course, you get access to closed group chat, to continue your development, exchange information, and making new friends, who are on the same path as you are. 

The next start on OCTOBER 4th and we will finish on October 26th. You can watch videos on your own schedule. 

After making a payment, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to claim your access to the course and group! See you soon, Queen!


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